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Which Scented Candle suits you best? Find your perfect scented candle Quiz

scented candle quiz

At Champagne and Candles, you can create your own scented candle but sometimes it is so hard to choose. How do you know which fragrance will suit you best? Take our fun quiz to determine which scents are best for you

Which Scented Candle Fragrance is Perfect for You? Take our Scented Candle Quiz to find out

  1. What do you enjoy most on a romantic evening? a) A bouquet of fresh flowers b) Zesty cocktails c) Exotic fruits d) A warm, home-cooked meal

  2. How do you feel about spontaneity? a) It's the spice of life! b) I embrace it wholeheartedly. c) I prefer to plan things out. d) I like to stick to routines.

  3. What kind of vacation appeals to you the most? a) Romantic getaway in a picturesque countryside b) Adventurous outdoor activities c) Exploring tropical beaches d) Cosy cabin retreat in the mountains

  4. What scent do you find most appealing? a) Roses b) Citrus c) Coconut d) Vanilla

  5. How do you like to unwind after a long day? a) Romantic dinner by candlelight b) Energising exercise or dancing c) Sipping cocktails on the beach d) Curling up with a good book

  6. What is your favourite dessert? a) Chocolate-covered strawberries b) Key lime pie c) Pina colada sorbet d) Apple pie with cinnamon

  7. What type of music do you enjoy the most? a) Classical b) Pop and rock c) Reggae and tropical beats d) Jazz and blues

  8. What's your ideal date night? a) A quiet, intimate dinner with a glass of Champagne b) A night out dancing c) A beachfront dinner at sunset d) A movie night at home

  9. How would you describe your home decor style? a) Elegant and romantic b) Modern and vibrant c) Beachy and relaxed d) Traditional and cosy

  10. What's your go-to fragrance for personal care products? a) Floral b) Citrus c) Tropical d) Warm and spicy

Add up your answers and check your results below to find out which fragrances are a perfect match!


  • Mostly A's: You're "The Romantic." You appreciate the timeless beauty of romance. Champagne and Candles recommends scents like Rose, Cherry Blossom, and Australian Lavender for your perfect candle.

  • Mostly B's: You have a "Zest for Life." You're full of energy and love to embrace life's adventures. Lime & Coconut, Tangerine & Vanilla, and Lemon & Eucalyptus are ideal fragrances for you.

  • Mostly C's: You're "The Exotic Explorer." You crave exotic experiences and love to be transported to far-off places. Coconut and Guava & Grapefruit scents will make the perfect candles for you.

  • Mostly D's: You're "The Classic Traditional." You find comfort and nostalgia in warm, familiar fragrances. Vanilla, Jasmine and Frangipani, Cinnamon Sugar, and Sandalwood are the perfect choices for your candle.

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