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Scented Candles, which fragrance should I choose?

We always try to ensure the candles we make create the right environment and atmosphere so we look to include a range of high quality, cosmetic grade fragrances to suit every mood and preference.

We have a range of doTERRA and Gumleaf from Buckley and Philips oils to add fragrance to our candles. Gumleaf fragrances are made in Australia and offer premium quality, cosmetic-grade fragrance. They are ideal for use in making our candles as they are concentrated fragrances with no added dilatants meaning the fragrance remains consistent through out the life of the candle.

Some of the fragrances we offer:

Australian Lavender - A relaxing blend offering the fresh scent of Tasmanian lavender farms. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and aiding in restful sleep, this scent is sure to calm and center while diffusing peaceful aromas.

Sandalwood - Sandalwood has a sweet, woody, uplifting aroma and is frequently used in meditation for its grounding effects. It gives a fragrant, aromatic and woody aroma to set a restorative mood.

Coconut - An exotic fragrance sure to transport you to tropical climes while offering relaxing surroundings.

Vanilla - A familiar sweet and creamy fragrance. Perfect for those seeking a calming experience. Vanilla oil has also been know to offer respiratory ease and aid restful sleep. Cinnamon Sugar - A sweet spice for a warm festive fragrance. Jasmine and Frangipani - Tropical frangipani overlaid with garlands of sweet jasmine Tangerine & Vanilla - Sweet vanilla with citrus notes of tangerine & neroli blossom Guava & Grapefruit - Lush Caribbean guava with tart ruby grapefruit Lime & Coconut - Sweet creamy coconut milk muddled with zesty lime Cherry Blossom - Rich floral bursts that transport you to an exotic garden. Blooming dew-laden cherry blossoms on an avenue of trees in Spring Midnight In Marrakesh - A Moorish delight of golden spun sugar, pomegranate, rosewater & amber Lemon & Eucalyptus - Sharp tang of lemon with refreshing eucalyptus & spearmint. Rose - Traditional floral rose fragrance. Reminiscent of freshly picked sweet garden roses Which one will you choose? #frangipani #rose #scentedcandles #candleshop #giftideas #ShopSmall #supportsmallbusiness #champagne #recycle #handmadegifts #vanillacandle #soycandles #champagnecandles #soycandlesforsale

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