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Exploring Exotic Scents: Limited Edition Luxury Scented Candle Collections

Limited Edition Luxury Scented Candle Collections

At Champagne and Candles, we believe that the experience of lighting a candle should be nothing short of luxurious. Our commitment to creating bespoke, handmade luxury scented candles from genuine recycled top-brand champagne bottles sets us apart in the world of home fragrances.

We invite you to embark on a fragrant journey with us as we introduce our exclusive, seasonal, and limited-edition candle collections, each inspired by unique scents from around the world.

Current Fragrances on Offer: Before delving into our limited edition collections, let's first take a look at some of the exceptional fragrances we offer year-round:

  1. Gumleaf Tangerine & Vanilla Fragrance Oil: This delightful blend combines the sweetness of vanilla with citrus notes of tangerine and neroli blossom, creating a warm and inviting ambience.

  2. Gumleaf Guava & Grapefruit Fragrance Oil: Transport yourself to the Caribbean with this lush aroma of guava and tart ruby grapefruit, reminiscent of a tropical paradise.

  3. Gumleaf Lime & Coconut Fragrance Oil: A tropical escape in a candle, with the creamy allure of coconut milk intertwined with the zesty freshness of lime.

  4. Gumleaf Coconut Fragrance Oil: Experience the essence of fresh coconut milk paired with sweet tropical palm sugar, a perfect balance of indulgence and freshness.

  5. Gumleaf Vanilla Fragrance Oil: Enjoy the timeless indulgence of rich, creamy vanilla bean ice cream with this classic fragrance.

  6. Gumleaf Lemon & Eucalyptus Fragrance Oil: Invigorate your senses with the sharp tang of lemon, combined with the refreshing notes of eucalyptus and spearmint.

  7. Gumleaf Jasmine and Frangipani Fragrance Oil: Tropical frangipani intertwined with garlands of sweet jasmine, evoking the essence of a lush garden.

  8. Gumleaf Rose Fragrance Oil: Revel in the romantic aroma of freshly picked sweet garden roses, a fragrance that truly captures the beauty of nature.

  9. Gumleaf Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil: Imagine walking beneath blooming dew-laden cherry blossoms on a serene Spring morning.

  10. Gumleaf Cinnamon Sugar Fragrance Oil: Embrace the warmth and comfort of sweet spice with this festive fragrance, perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere.

  11. Gumleaf Sandalwood Fragrance Oil: Transport yourself to the enchanting forests of the Far East with this rich and exotic scent.

  12. Gumleaf Australian Lavender Fragrance Oil: Experience the calming and soothing effects of lavender from the picturesque landscapes of Tasmania, ideal for relaxation.

  13. No Fragrance: For those who prefer simplicity, our "No Fragrance" option allows you to enjoy the elegance of our candles without any added scent.

Limited Edition Collections: At Champagne and Candles, we take pride in crafting limited-edition collections that capture the essence of unique and exotic scents. These collections are perfect for creating an enchanting atmosphere during special occasions or as a gift for someone special.

  • The Floral Scented Candle Collection: Inspired by the delicate aroma of fresh roses, this collection features candles encased in champagne bottles adorned with rose-themed labels. Each candle is scented with our exquisite Floral Gumleaf Fragrance Oils.

  • The Citrus and Fruit Scented Candle Collection: Indulge in the zesty, invigorating fragrances of the Citrus and Fruit Collection. These candles are housed in champagne bottles with our exquisite fruit Gumleaf Fragrance Oils.

  • The Down Under Dream Collection: For those who love the Australian outback, our Down Under Dream Collection celebrates the unique scents of Australia. These candles come in upcycled Champagne bottles and are scented with our Gumleaf Australian Lavender Fragrance Oil.

Scented Candles Customisation Options: For customers looking to create bespoke gifts, we offer the option to choose their own champagne branded bottle and fragrance with our "Made to Order Scented Candles Collection". This means you can personalise your candles to match the recipient's preferences or the occasion perfectly. Whether it's a milestone celebration, a romantic gesture, or a simple token of appreciation, our customisation options ensure that your gift is truly unique.

Our commitment to providing luxury scented candle collections made from genuine recycled champagne bottles and our dedication to crafting unique fragrances make Champagne and Candles the ultimate destination for candle enthusiasts.

We invite you to explore our "Luxury Scented Candle Collections" and elevate your sensory experience with our exquisite candles. Light one today and let the fragrant journey begin.

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