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10 Green bottles: Why Champagne recycling & upcycling is so important.

“And if one green bottle should accidentally fall” as the song goes, but what can be done with those old empty bottles?

#Recycling has become part of modern-day life. No more is it the cause of the #ecowarrior, it is something that we all take part in.

From separating our paper from plastics, to reusable carrier bags, the idea that was first driven in the early 80’s is now commonplace globally.

According to a Forbes article published in 2016, there are approximately 300 million bottles of the good stuff sold every year! So, we take a quick look at what can be done with the left-over bits of everyone’s favourite celebratory tipple.

1. The humble Candle (and our fave)

The simple but effective way of #upcycling can add a stylish finish as a centre piece or that perfect gift. More often than not, it is the bottom half of the bottle that is used; however, the neck part of the bottle can be converted by the skilled and alternative thinking craftsperson.

Just remember if you are attempting this firstly you are dealing with glass and that can be extremely sharp, use PPE to maximise protection and work in a controlled environment. Secondly, don’t get too upset if your bottle doesn’t work out how you planned and the cut isn’t perfect.

Our #candles are hand crafted which means each cut is unique and each candle is an individual. There is nothing wrong with an imperfect line, sometimes this can add character to the story it may tell. We highly recommend that you purchase your upcycled candles and let someone like us take the risk out of glass cutting!

2. The Vase

For those of you whom may have a floral bent, the idea of a single of a minimal set of decorative flowers standing out of a Champagne bottle can add a discreet focal point to any dinner table of mantel piece.

Remember the bottles will last a long time if you look after them, even though the labels may eventually fad and come away. We have all see the images of the piercing Green Champagne bottles recover from the wreck of the Titanic now on display as a memorial to the greatest ocean tragedy in history, yet the ability to reuse and upcycle can also be a reminder for a more happier time. Many couples use a bottle from their Wedding as a gentle reminder of their special day.

3. The Book End

A simple but effective way of #upcycling and keeping balance to your bookshelf. By either using sand or soil to give the bottle some addition wight and support, this can be a classy and effective way of adding some flair to your bookcase whilst highlighting your favourite brand of bubbles!

4. The New Old New?

Simply put, if you can’t decide or make head nor tail of what to do, simply put your beloved bottles in the relevant recycling bin and let someone else do the hard work. Modern bottles can be recycled and can even end up being on road surfaces in many countries (as they can form part of the surface through a number of processes) but don’t worry, if you want to do the right thing and play your part in a more sustainable future, rinse them out and away they go!

Its important for global #sustainability and #environmental reasons that we all play our part in recycling and where possible upcycling. We are trying to do our bit, so you can play your part in making the world a little more sustainable and giving our empty bottle a second chance.

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