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Champagne & Candles

Welcome to Champagne and Candles, your exclusive destination for exquisite luxury handmade scented candles, each meticulously up-cycled from authentic premium champagne bottles.  
We take genuine premium champagne bottles and transform them into beautiful handmade scented candles. 

You can select from our pre-made candle range or our "Made to order" range, where you can select your branded champagne bottle and fragrance. These candles are handmade just for you with your choice of essential oils to suit your specifications. 

We have a great selection of floral scented candles and citrus and fruit scented candles; pre-made and ready to ship! Handmade scented candles with authentic charm, make the perfect gift or addition to your home.

Also introducing the latest addition to our collection: a brand-new range of apparel and merchandise products that are bound to add a touch of elegance to your everyday life.

Whether you're seeking scented candles to create the perfect ambience, fashionable attire to express your style, or elegant decor pieces to adorn your space, Champagne and Candles has it all.

New Arrivals

Shop the latest in our range of handmade, luxury scented candles, appearl and merchandise 

Citrus & Fruit Scented Candles

Best Sellers Scented Candles

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