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Our Story

   Luxury Scented Candles  

Champagne and Candles was born from a humble dream of wanting to provide luxury homemade gifts with meaning at reasonable prices. We are passionate about what we do and we have a conscientious purpose around sustainability, recycling and up-cycling luxury products to re-imagine them as thoughtful, meaningful gifts.

Most glass bottles are dumped or end up in landfills and some restaurants, cafes and hotels do not dispose of their bottles properly or they end up in a glass crusher, we want to save these bottles and give them a new lease of life.

Celebrations are often marked with the popping of champagne, after the event there is only the memory of that special occasion, we wanted to create something that lasts from that happy occasion and came up with Champagne and Candles.


We only use premium champagne brands and recycle the bottles to create these aromatic candles.


Each candle is made with professional grade 100% natural soy wax and infused with essential oils to give each one a signature scent. The wicks are pre-waxed and made from low smoke materials to ensure maximum burn time and low smoke emissions.

If you own a restaurant, hotel or café and would like to partner with us and make a denotation of empty champagne bottles please contact us, we are happy to promote your business on our website as the source of our bottles. Find out more about donating your empty champagne bottles and supporting a small business. ​

Thank you for taking the time to visit our store and being part of our dream.

A Moet Champagne bottle scented candle

How we make your candle


Our candles are handmade and some of our Champagne bottles are even kindly donated from local businesses and friends. They are all made from genuine authentic Champagne branded bottles. If you would like to donate your Champagne bottles please visit our donation page to find out how and do your part to help the environment and our small business.

What we do first:

We score and cut the Champagne bottles just above the label to give the greatest affect to the final product. We then gentle sand and polish by hand to remove any rough edges along the glass rim.

What happens next - the fun part!

We clean the bottle with tepid water and let it dry naturally.

We then add beautiful 100% essential oils to soy wax to make the candle and its fragrance.
Once this is mixed we pour this into the bottle and add a wick. We use soy wax for our candles because soy wax has the advantage of providing a cleaner burn due to lower smoke emissions to alternatives such as paraffin wax which is great for those who find paraffin candles can aggravate allergies. 

Final step:

We leave the candle to set overnight and once dry we package in it's individual box, ready to be shipped.

Enjoy your candle! The beauty of these candles means you do not only get to enjoy the amazing fragrance but can reuse the bottle once the candle is used or even create another candle.

These are 100% homemade, limited edition and collectible. They are made from glass bottles and although every effort has been made to sand any sharp edges please handle with care. The rim maybe slightly imperfect as the bottles are cut by hand.
This doesn’t affect the functionality of the product and adds to the authenticity and homemade charm.

Please keep out of reach of small children.

To prevent fire and serious injury burn candle within sight, keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out the reach of children and pets. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep candle away from any foreign materials including matches, wicks, and wick trimmings. Only light and burn candle on a level surface and ensure the surface is fire resistant. Do not burn the candle for more than four hours at a time.

What our candle making process looks like

A Veuve yellow lable champagne bottle stands on a kitchen worktop ready to be scored and cut
Veuve champagne bottle cut in half with a jug of melted wax and a bottle of essential oil
Veuve bottle with the addition of a wick and wax to make the candle
Veuve Clicquot yellow label champagne bottle candle displayed in a box

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